Digital Engineering Expo 2022
1st Aug 2023 - 1st Sep 2023
The team of organizers of Digital Engineering Expo 2022 unites experts of digital transformation, industrial automation, engineering and IT integrators of technologies of the exhibition industry. The Organizing Committee presents a new view on the effectiveness of exhibition activities.


The team of experts creating a global engineering ecosystem


The development of Ukraine as a high-tech state
The Association of Industrial Automation Enterprises of Ukraine (APPAU) is the leading Ukrainian association in the field of industrial automation, which is the leader of digital changes in the industry.
A high level of competence, a systematic approach and a strategic vision of the association's participants became the foundation for the creation of a national strategy for the development of Industry 4.0. The Association is the organizer and coordinator of the Industry 4.0 cluster movement in Ukraine.
Combining the efforts of government and business, actively cooperating with international institutions and professional associations, APPAU promotes active processes of digital change in various sectors of the Ukrainian economy.
Official site: APPAU
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International Cooperation and Partnership
ICC Ukraine represents the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), concentrates its efforts on the main trends of global economic development, providing comprehensive and professional support to its participants in the direction of effective development and improvement.
Digital business transformation is one of the central focuses in the activities of ICC Ukraine. Combining the experience of digital change drivers, ICC Ukraine has a competent impact on the main digital change processes of its participants, helping them to achieve specific economic and technological results in their activities.
A creative and systematic approach, a high level of expertise and consulting allow us to give an impetus to acceleration and get concrete practical results.
Official site: ICC Ukraine
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A community of supporters of digital transformation
GT XXI Alliance is a public association of participants and drivers of digital transformation, whose goals are to exchange experience, provide mutual assistance and organize cooperation in a developing digital economy.
The effectiveness and speed of digital change depends on the collective mind and common efforts. Direct communications of GT XXI Alliance participants create a global digital ecosystem of experience, competencies and unique solutions that provide significant support to all participants of the digital transformation in moving along the path of progress and development.
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A meritocracy of cyberspace digital ideas
The Ukrainian-Saudi Business Council was established in 2005 based on a decision made at the highest state level and legally enshrined by the Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
The Bilateral Business Council consists of national parts, uniting and ensuring the reciprocal promotion of trade and investment interests, based on public-private partnerships in combination with the competitive advantages of Council members and interested representatives of the business circles of Ukraine and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, based on the prevalence of common interests over private ones.
States capable of creating an integrated model of the economy will need the widespread introduction of digital ecosystems and platforms, which guarantees the achievement of leading positions in the competition for global leadership based on innovative digital tools, information additive technologies and progressive algorithms for transforming and managing economic development in the cyberspace system.
The multifaceted participation of the Ukrainian-Saudi Business Council in the processes of creating a new world economic order and reproduction contours is one of the priority areas of activity.


Global Digital Exhibition Platform
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e-Expo Online is a global digital online exhibition platform that provides its participants with an effective and systematic tool in the field of exhibition events and events in a digital and hybrid format.
An innovative platform that allows using various tools to ensure direct and constant communication with the target audience and effective promotion of their products. The industry digital ecosystems created by e-Expo Online ensure competitive stability and stable development in the digital economy.
Official site: e-Expo Online


The platform of engineering communications
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AB Capital is the operating company of Digital Engineering Expo 2022. The company is an active organizer of the development of cooperation in the field of engineering between Ukraine and the EU countries.
AB Capital has created and is developing a digital engineering platform for effective communication and organization of cooperation in various engineering projects with the participation of Ukrainian and European specialists.
Official site: AB Capital