Digital Engineering Expo 2022
1st Aug 2023 - 1st Sep 2023
ICS Lab is a unique environment for developing and testing new cybersecurity solutions
4th Dec 2021
The number of cyberattacks in the world is growing dramatically. Unfortunately, Ukraine is no exception. Moreover, we are a kind of "test site" for cyber wars, where new methods and approaches are being tested.
Asset Performance 4.0 - challenges for Ukrainian enterprises
25th Nov 2021
This report was prepared following a visit to the Belgian conference Asset Performance 4.0 on October 27-28 by a Ukrainian delegation, with the assistance and coordination of the Belgian technical service association BEMAS and the APPAU.
Enterprise optimisation based on data and artificial intelligence
19th Nov 2021
This topic was brought up in a presentation by technology manager Peter Bosmans and Pedro Durlinger from Sitech Services, who has ten years of experience in maintaining 30+ factories and over 5 years of experience with Industry 4.0.